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It is a website with the list of advertisers sorted in the specific manner. It may serve as pre-landing between advertiser and the source of traffic in the cases when it is not possible to generate traffic to the advertiser or when the webmaster generates traffic, which allows a visitor to make a choice of the product on their own.


Doorways are separate websites set up for one or several keywords. Doorways are to be at the top search engine positions. When the users get to doorway, they are redirected to the assigned page, landing or pre-landing.


It is a purchase of advertising in the search engines by keywords. It depends on the user’s query. Contextual advertising is visible only to those users, who are purposefully searching information that is the query.

Conversion rate

CR (conversion ratio), also conversion rate is a percentage of all active conversions and conversions on verification to the number of unique licks. Calculated in %

Generate traffic

It means a generation of a traffic flow by the partner link to the chosen offer.

Motivated traffic

Motivated traffic takes place when the user is motivated by a financial reward to register at a website or fill out a request form, etc. Advertisers have a negative attitude to such a type of traffic because in most cases it is perceived as fraud.


It is an offer from an advertiser with the clearly defined conditions of work, target action, amount of payment, and allowed sources of traffic.


It is a fraud action of traffic generation. For example, they generate bots instead of inviting real people to leave requests for an advertiser. The goal of the fraud is to fool advertiser or/and affiliate.


Temporary money retention of a webmaster to check the quality of their traffic. There are no such holds in PDL-Profit.

Unique visitor

Unique visitor is a user who has visited the page for the very first time within the specific time. Also, the visitor is counted as unique if they visit the page from the new device or browser.


effective-Cost-per-Click is an average income from one unique click.


Cost-per-Lead, advertiser is paying to a webmaster for the lead.


Cost-per-Sale, advertiser is paying to a webmaster for the purchase made.

TOP questions

Do I have to contact support any time when I want to subscribe to the new offers?

Yes! Access to offers can be subscribed upon the webmaster’s request.

What do I get started with if I want to generate traffic for FB + Inst?

1. Generate traffic for showcase from any sources that you’ve already dealt with. 2. Create a form to get contacts (phone and name, as a minimum). 3. Redirect the user to the offers that they choose on the showcase. 4. Send sms to the contacts you’ve gathered (in 5 minutes, in an hour, in 6 hours and in 12 hours). Here’s an example of the message you can send - “Your loan has been approved” + link to the offer.

What are the main sources of traffic?

FB, Google ADS, sms or email customer bases.

How do I generate traffic to avoid losses?

To avoid losses while generating traffic is possible if you: 1. Generate it to the showcase through the form you used to get contacts. 2. Send sms and emails to those contacts you’ve gathered through the form.

What are the formats of cooperation with you?

We have a flexible and a wide range of cooperation schemes. We welcome new teams on board, buy them out, buy traffic from webmasters/teams. Also, we provide budgets and get per cent of the total profit. We can discuss it in person. We can set up a meeting based on a traffic generation from your side – starting at 50 conversions per day (which is proof that you actually have traffic).

How do I use push notifications if subscription to the offer prohibits their use?

The thing is that we can’t do anything if it reads that the use of push notifications is prohibited. If you redirect users to the advertiser directly from push notifications, they will promptly detect it and block your account. Here’s what you can do as an alternative - create a pre-landing that will block non-targeted traffic and redirect only those users who are really interested.

What do I need to do to add my domain to showcase?

You need to tell us the name of your domain, NS of your server, which you may learn from support.

I have UA-traffic from emails. Could you advice what offer it is better to choose to use it?

It depends on the quality of your customer base – where and how you’ve gathered it. There’s no definite answer to this question. We have a smart-link tool that redirects to the most beneficial offer that is available now for you. You can test it to see what offer is best for your customer base.

What locations and offers are best to generate traffic for?

Push notifications to the cold customer base have a low conversion rate. It doesn’t depend on location. We do not recommend to generate traffic to the offers from push notifications at all. It will be much better to the lead form (gather phone numbers, emails, names) and then send messages via sms and emails.

What is smart-link?

Smart-link is a tool that sorts offers upon eCPC available to the webmaster. It provides the link to the most beneficial offer at a moment in time according to the opinion of the automated sorter. It is recommended to use it as a traffic back link.

What is domain parking?

It is a connection of a domain to a server. You can buy your domain and connect it with a showcase, for example, without worrying about the things like hosting.

Can I create several accounts at once?

No. One person is allowed to create only one account according to the rules of our system.

What is the cookie lifetime?

Cookie lifetime is the period for which the user is assigned to the webmaster. If it is 30 days, then the first transaction will be counted when it’s made within 30 days after the user has clicked on your link.

What is meant by a prohibition on the brand contextual advertising of an advertiser?

When the offer has a prohibition on the brand contextual advertising of an advertiser, it means that it is forbidden to mention the name of the brand in the keywords.

What type of traffic sources is allowed/forbidden?

Each offer has certain requirements as for the sources to get traffic. It is forbidden to generate traffic without conversions for cookie stuffing. Email spam is forbidden as well. Yes, it is allowed to send emails to the existing base of clients but only if our administration has approved it. It is strictly forbidden to fake brands/design of the websites of advertisers on your domain and cybersquatting, which is an attribution of a domain similar to the domain of an advertiser with any fraudulent goal, or present your website as a website of an advertiser.

I want to make doorways for various offers. Is it okay?

We don't mind doorways in the cases when doorway traffic is allowed by the conditions of the offer.

Questions about money

Is the process of making payments automatic?

We do not pay off to the webmasters automatically. Webmasters can initiate withdrawal on their own.

Where can I withdraw money?

Any payments to webmasters are made to the accounts specified in your personal area: WebMoney, PayPal, Еpayments, Privat24, or any card of the Ukrainian bank, or Payoneer. When we come into agreement with you, it is possible to get payments by bank transfer. In such a case, a withdrawal of money will be possible one time in a day (namely every single day except weekends).

How can I withdraw money?

Выплаты производятся по запросу в личном кабинете веб-мастера. В день запроса, если запрос был произведен до 12:00 (GMT+2) и на следующий день, если запрос был произведен после 12:00 (GMT+2) Минимальная сумма выплаты - 100$

Is there a chance to raise up the rates on offers with a certain volume?

Usually the initiative about the raise of rates comes from the advertiser. Advertisers always monitor their channels of traffic and if the traffic is of a good quality, then you’re going to get plenty of chances that advertiser will offer you the rates. Also, the initiative can come from a webmaster. You need to tell support what estimated volume you are ready to offer with the raise of the rates to 10%, 20%, or 30%.

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