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This site is a list of advertisers sorted in a special way. It serves as a pre-landing between the advertiser and the traffic source in cases where for some reason it is impossible to drive traffic directly to the advertiser or the publisher is draining the traffic, allowing the visitor to choose the product on their own.


Doorways are separate sites configured for one or more search queries. Doorways are meant to get into the top positions in the search results for these specific queries. When entering the doorway, the user is redirected to the assigned, landing or pre-landing page.


Buying ads in search engines by keywords. It depends on the user's search query. Contextual ads are shown only to people who are actively looking for info on the topic, that's why it's a lot more efficient than regular ads


CR (conversion ratio) aka Conversion is the percentage of active conversions and conversions on review to the number of unique clicks. Calculated as a %

Drive traffic

Launch traffic flow through the affiliate link to the selected offer.

Motivated traffic

A.k.a. motivated traffic. This is when the user is motivated by a financial reward to register on a website or fill out an application, etc. Advertisers have a negative stance on this type of traffic, in most cases it is perceived as fraudulent.


This is an offer from an advertiser with clearly defined conditions, target action, payout amount and allowed traffic sources.


Traffic driving fraud. For example, the advertiser is getting bots instead of real people that leave requests. The point of fraud is to scam the advertiser and/or affiliate program.


Temporary freezing of publisher's funds during traffic quality assessment. There are no holds in the PDL-Profit system.


A unique visitor, a user who first visited a page in a specified time. It also counts if they logged in from a new device or browser.


effective-Cost-per-Click is the average profit per unique click.


Cost-per-Lead, the Advertiser pays the publisher for each attracted lead


Cost-per-Sale, he Advertiser pays the publisher for each made sale.


Do I need to contact tech support every time I want to connect an offer?

Yes, access to offers is connected at the request of the publisher

Where to start if we want to drive traffic from FB + Inst

1. Driving traffic to the showcase from any source you have experience working with. 2. On the showcase, compile contact info (phone number and name at least) 3. Send the user off to convert on the offers they'll pick off the showcase. 4. You work with the collected contacts by SMS (after 5 minutes, after an hour, after 6 hours and after 12 hours), send an SMS along the lines of "your loan has been approved" + offer link

What are the main traffic sources?

FB, Google ADS, anSMS or email database you amassed yourself

How to drive traffic at a profit?

To drive traffic at a profit you need to: 1. Drive traffic to a showcase through a contact gathering form. 2. Put the squeeze on users through emails and SMS

What cooperation formats do you offer?

We have a flexible and wide range of cooperation model: We partner up with teams, buy teams, buy traffic from publishers/teams, We also provide budgets and take a percentage of the profit. This can be discussed in person. An appointment can be made based on you getting over 50 conversions per day. (which will let us know that you definitely have traffic)

How to use push notifications if you have a subscription but the Offer prohibits push notifications?

"If it says ""not allowed"", then there's nothing we can do. If you send users from push notifications directly to the advertiser, they'll quickly detect it and ban your account. You can make a pre-landing page that will filter out non-targeted traffic and make sure only genuinely users get sent to the offer - That's allowed."

What do I need to do for you to attach my domain to the showcase?

Report the domain name to us, and register the NS servers that the support will tell you to

I have UA traffic from mailings, what offer should I drive it to?

This depends on the quality of your base, where and how you amassed it. There's no unambiguous answer to this question. We have a smart-link tool - it redirects the user to the current most profitable offer. You can test drive it for a little while to check which offer gets the best response from your audience.

For push notifications, from what GEOs would you recommend driving traffic from and to what offers?

Cold pushes convert poorly, regardless of GEO. We don't recommend using push notifications to drive traffic in general. It's better to drive it to a lead-form (get their phone number, email, name) and then work with leads through emails and SMS.

What's Smart-Link?

Smar-Link is a sorting tool for EPC offers available to the publisher. It provides a link to the currently most profitable offer. Recommended for use as a traffic backlink.

What's domain parking?

This is the binding of the domain to the server. You can buy your domain and link it to a showcase, for example, without needing to worry about things like hosting.

Can I create multiple accounts at once?

No, according to the rules of the system, one person can only have one account.

What is cookie lifetime?

Cookie lifetime is the period for which the user is assigned to the publisher. If it's 30 days, then the first transaction made by that user within 30 days of using your link will be credited to you.

What does a ban on contextual advertising using the advertiser's brand mean?

When the offer doesn't allow contextual ads that mention the advertiser's brand this means that you can't mention the advertiser's brand name in the keywords of your ads in any way (transliteration, derivatives, typos, etc.).

What traffic sources do you accept/not allow?

Each offer has certain traffic requirements, which can be found in the details of the offer. It is forbidden to drive traffic without conversions for cookie stuffing. Email spam is strictly prohibited. You can use your own mailing lists after going over that option with the advertiser. It is also strictly forbidden to counterfeit the brand / design of advertisers' sites on their domain and cybersquatting - assigning yourself a domain very similar to the advertiser's domain in order to deceive the visitor and pass off your site as an advertiser's site.

I want to create doorways for different offers. What is your stance on this?

We are not against doorways as long as doorway traffic is allowed by the offer.

About money

Are payouts made automatically?

We do not automatically pay out any funds to publishers. Publishers must request withdrawals on their own.

Where can I withdraw money to?

Payments to publishers are made to the following wallets: WebMoney, PayPal, Еpayments, Privat24, to any card of the Ukrainian Bank, Payoneer, whose data has been specified in the user's account. An arrangement can be made to make payments by bank transfer possible. Withdrawals can be done once a day (only on weekdays)

How to withdraw funds?

Payments are made upon request in the personal account of the publisher. On the day of the request, if the request was made before 12:00 (GMT+2) and the next day, if the request was made after 12:00 (GMT+2) The minimum payout amount is $50.

Is it possible to raise bids on offers with a certain traffic volume?

Usually, it's the advertiser that brings up the question of raising their rate. Advertisers constantly monitor their traffic channels and if you have good quality traffic - you will not go unnoticed - the advertiser will offer you higher payrates themself. A symmetrically equivalent option is also possible, when the initiative comes from the publisher. To increase interest, you need to inform the support team about what volumes you are ready to provide when the rate increases by 10, 20, 30%


How can I get more Bonuses?

Connect offers the conversions for which generate more Bonuses

Can I buy several identical products in the Profit-Shop?

Of course, you can buy as many items from the Profit-Shop catalog as you like! As much as your account balance allows you to.

How will the goods from the Profit-Shop be delivered?

We deliver all over the world through postal services, free of charge.

I am a little short on points for a product in the Profit-Shop, what should I do?

Contact your account manager, they will tell you how you can get more points.

Store rules

How do I earn Bonuses?

Bonuses cannot be bought, they can only be earned as a reward for performed targeted actions for each offer in the PDL-Profit CPA network.

Bonuses cannot be cashed out or withdrawn from the system in any other way, except by using them to purchase goods in the Profit-Shop.

Bonuses are awarded for each conversion credited by offers.

The number of awarded bonuses depends on the individual rates of offers, therefore it may differ for different publishers.

How do I use Bonuses?

Your rewarded bonuses history is available in the conversion statistics section.

The total available amount of earned Bonuses is displayed in the publisher's account.

Previously awarded Bonuses will be deducted for rejected conversions.

When exchanging Bonuses for goods in Profit-Shop, the corresponding amount is debited from the publisher's account.

Publishers can exchange Bonuses for goods from the Profit-Shop at any time granted they accumulated a sufficient amount

You can check the delivery status of the ordered goods on the "My orders" page

General provisions

Profit-Shop's only currency are Bonuses

The conditions can be altered by the PDL-profit affiliate network

The catalog of goods displayed on the Profit-Shop window can be changed at any time

If the product is out of stock, then the PDL-Profit affiliate program has the right to refuse its delivery, informing the client of its decision and returning the Bonuses in full, if they were debited from the account.

In absence of the selected product model, by agreement with the publisher, the product can be replaced with a similar one.

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