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10 000 new clients per day.

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10000new clients per day
6 Locations(CIS countries, Asia, USA, Latin America)

Why work with PDL-Profit??

Safety and traffic quality control

Our system allows us to quickly find fraud. We also react to the violations of advertisers’ brand usage lightning fast.  .

10 000 новых заявок каждый день!
Fast integration

В большинстве случаев занимает до 30 минут.

Advertisers can see detailed statistics of affiliates’ traffic in their account or just ask us to share it.
Qualified account management 
Consultations from our specialists for increasing the cost of advertiser’s stock among affiliates..



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Reviews from Affiliates and Advertisers

We publish only REAL testimonials from our partners

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Sergei LunevCo-founder, CTO ReadyTop [вебмастер]

For me as a tech specialist, there are several reasons to work with PDL Profit – high bids, timely payments, and a reliable tech platform. There has been no single technical error since I started, and I see only the current statistics and many useful features for testing practically any of my marketing ideas. Offerwall constructor, Smartlink, cool postbacks generator – everything works flawlessly.

Vladimir DonskovDeputy CMO, [advertiser]

Why do we value PDL-Profit so much? High volumes of quality traffic could already be a great reason. There are some other benefits worth mentioning, though: :

  • - Attracting powerful new affiliates to the Ukrainian PDL market from other markets .
  • - Professional, timeous and helpful support with any work questions .
  • - Attention to the traffic quality – they actively monitor affiliates .
  • - Constant development and adapting to people’s needs – I can often see new features and options that make the work more comfortable and effective .
  • - Generating new solutions for improving the work for all the market members.

We wish the PDL-Profit team to keep going and making our niche better .


Our partnership began at the PDL-Profit testing stage. The team has listened to all of our suggestions and issues regarding the platform’s functionality. Having a lot of experience of working with CPA programs, we can confidently state that PDL-Profit has the most user-friendly and intuitive interface. Since we’ve worked with them, there has been no shaving or non-compliance of partnership responsibilities. We’re looking forward to Sempro and a chance of winning Audi Q8 Different methods of payment is also a big bonus. My only suggestions would be to add more locations apart from Ukraine and Russia and to add exclusive offers for Ukraine.

Dmitriy Petrenko[аffiliate]

When I joined the program, I was suspicious as everything sounded too good and too sweet. And in our niche, “too good” doesn’t usually happen. But at the end, I’m glad that my suspicions didn’t stop me; there are lots of great offers, high bids and, most importantly, very fast payments. The support team is great with dealing with my questions to advertisers. All in all, PDL-Profit has everything you may need .

Alexander MackedonskiyAffiliate manager CCloan [advertiser]

We’ve been working with PDLP for over half a year and the results came very fast. From the first days, we’ve noticed big traffic amounts and the network’s potential. It’s worth mentioning that the network is perfectly automated and both webmasters and merchants can find all the required tools in their private accounts. We’ve had many questions along the way, and the support members have always answered them very fast, reconciling the data and billing in no time. I cannot think of any disadvantages at the moment, as all the disagreements were taken into account and solved

Ivan Tikhonenko[аffiliate]

I’ve known the guys for a long time from their other projects. So I joined PDL-Profit the first day they launched. We’d already worked together in the finance vertical so when we learned about their new network, we joined even before the official opening. Their support team is always helpful and there are no delays in payments. They help with every possible issue.

Anastasia ChernishovaCMO Money4You [advertiser]

Since the very first day of working with the international CPA network PDL-Profit, we receive quality traffic for affordable prices. I want to mention user-friendly interface of personal accounts, checklists for affiliates that prevent any fraud, and the Money4You offer’s clear statistics and reports. Special thanks to Alexander for advice! Our work together continues and I’m sure that there are more new ambitious projects ahead! ! 

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